Let’s be honest

In the interest of full disclosure (I’m an honest girl), I want to state upfront that, after some thought, I’ve decided I’m not going to get hung up on whether or not the photos I post each day were actually taken that day. For example, in January the theme is food. Sooo…if I whip up a killer dinner like pan seared haddock with acorn squash risotto and asparagus in brown butter, I may take more than one blog-worthy photo of such a fancy meal. And I may, therefore, be forced to use some of those extra photos on more than one day in January. I’m just sayin’. The point of this blog, after all, is for me to improve my skills, not get hung up on legalistic rules. So I’m freeing myself to just photograph and use those photos I deem best on the blog. That’s not to say you won’t also see some rad shots of cereal.


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