Day 365


Well, I didn’t quite get this uploaded in time for the ball drop in NYC on my beloved east coast, but here in CA I’ve still got two hours. It’s my first new years celebration on the west coast and although the hubs and I are digging the amazing weather out here (albeit a bit strange to not have any snow during the holidays), it just doesn’t seem right that the ball dropped in New York City and we still had three hours to go here on the west coast. Whatever, I’ll adapt.

This has been quite a year. A major move from PA to CA and new jobs for me and the hubs really kept us on our toes. I’m so grateful for all the great new opportunities but disappointed that I wasn’t able to keep up with the daily photos here at Project 30, especially this month. I basically posted twice this month: fourteen photos last week and sixteen this evening. Which means that all you lovely people who’ve been following this little blog got A LOT of emails all at once (sorry about that.).

Things aren’t going to slow down at work for a while, but I really want to try to keep this blog going in 2013. In order to make that happen, I won’t be posting every day, but I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve, and I’ll be back as soon as I can to post about them and let you know what the new format will be.

Thanks again to everyone who “liked”, “commented”, and “followed” Project 30 this year. I hope to see you all back here in 2013.
Happy New Year!!


4 thoughts on “Day 365

  1. Great shots Jill. You have made amazing progress and I will continue to be a devout follower!

    Love to you and Zach

    Bonne Anne


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