the Photographer

I took my first, and only, photography class in college. That class taught me, more than anything else, the importance of composition. After graduation, I periodically picked up my old Olympus SLR, but it wasn’t until my husband bought me a Nikon D40 for our anniversary a few years ago that I really got the photography bug. My trusty D40 has since found a new home with my cousin. You can view the photos she’s capturing with it here and here.

I now use a Nikon D300s both professionally and personally. The more I shoot, the more I’m able to clarify what I love to shoot, as well as what I don’t. I’m hoping this year-long project will help me clarify that even more, as I push myself in new directions, constantly improving my skill set.

Turns out one thing I love to shoot is barn dinners – who knew?! This past September, I had the incredible opportunity to photograph a special Heirloom Harvest barn dinner hosted by Meadow’s Mirth Farm in New Hampshire. The dinner was held in a 100-year-old barn and featured locally-grown foods from the seacoast of New Hampshire. It was a magical evening. You can view the photos I was able to capture of the pre-dinner set up (I attended the dinner so wasn’t able to shoot much during the event) and many more on my Flickr site.


6 thoughts on “the Photographer

  1. Jilly… you are AMAZING! I am not just saying that… you are REALLY good. Your photos are interesting and seem to move! I love your work! Oh – and I miss you!

    • B, I don’t know why I didn’t respond to this when I originally read it, but I’m responding now….Thank you! It means so much to me that I have inspired you!

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